Miss Harriman

Hello My Name Is...

Miss Harriman


Welcome to First Grade! 

My name is Lorna Harriman.  I graduated from the University of Maine in 2015 with a degree in Elementary Education, concentration in English, and a minor in Psychology. I have been teaching first grade at Benton Elementary since 2015. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love every single day!

Prepare to be amazed by what your child will learn to do in the first grade.  This is an exciting time of incredible growth!  

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 A day in first grade...

Our day starts at 8:15. Students are given a free breakfast which they enjoy in the classroom with their friends while we take attendance and have our morning meeting!

We start our academics with the number of the day, which corresponds with the day of school! Next, we move into...

Reader's Workshop

Each day our Reader's Workshop starts with a shared reading lesson at the rug in the form of a song or poem read together, and a new skill to practice! After practicing the skill independently at our seats we return to the rug for our reading lesson.

Student's work independently at engaging literacy centers which include reading to themselves, practicing reading and writing high frequency words among many other things! 

This independent work time allows me to meet individually or in small groups for guided reading lessons.  This is the time when instruction can be individualized to fit the needs of each student.

Writer's Workshop

The next part of our day is when we become authors! Using the Lucy Calkins Units of Study, we begin our writing block with a mini lesson at the rug.  This helps us to focus what we will be working on in writing that day.  Then, the students are sent back to their seats for uninterrupted writing time! 


First and second graders at Benton Elementary eat lunch in the classroom, which allows us to avoid the chaos of a busy lunchroom! 

Whether inside or out, recess is a great time to get out some energy, meet new friends, and learn new games! 


There are several components to our daily math lesson.  We begin by reviewing previously learned skills, this is called the Daily Common Core Review.  Next, we are introduced to the skill we will learn that day and have a few minutes to try it out.  Together on the rug, we watch a video which helps us to learn more strategies for solving problems.  After solving a few problems together, we go back to our desks to try the new skill out all on our own!  Finally, we end the lesson with a Quick Check, which allows me to assess which students have mastered what we learned, and who needs more instruction.

Math centers, or math games, are our favorite part of math! It hardly even feels like math when you're having this much fun! 

Theme Time

This is a diverse time of our day that changes almost from week to week.  This is the time when we have science and social studies, learn about and celebrate different holidays and more!  One of the best parts of our day, and always changing!


One of the best parts of our day is our specials! Throughout the week we have music, art, gym, computer lab, and library!  

Before you know it, the day in first grade is over! They always fly right by.