Ms. Kessler

Hello My Name Is...

Miss Kessler


My name is Miss Kessler, this is my first year teaching in Benton.  I have taught a total of 15 years.  My previous experience teaching has been in Princeton, Eddington and Skowhegan.  My first 2 years in Princeton, Washington County Maine, were in Pre-K, then I taught 2 years of first grade there as well.  I have been in First Grade ever since.  I absolutely love watching first graders develop an understanding of the concepts they are being taught, become confident in themselves as readers, writers and mathematicians.

I will be getting married in April when my name will become Mrs. Turner.  It will be confusing for the kids to know what to call me and for me to get used to having a new name. 

It has been a fun, exciting year and I look forward to continuing to have a great time with my students.