Welcome To My Second Grade Classroom
Welcome to my second grade classroom. It is important to me that all students are learning to their full potential.  I try to instill habits in my students that I believe will benefit them throughout their school career and help them to achieve success in school and in the work place. Some of the things we work on are being responsible,  working hard and putting forth their best effort, focusing and paying attention, working well with others, and always doing their best.

What will students do? I believe in routines. Students can expect that each day will be predictable and that if changes are going to occur, then they will know before they happen. I post a daily schedule on the board with daily goals for each subject.  Students will read, write, and talk about their learning throughout the school day. Partner or group work is embedded into each lesson that is taught. Students will also participate in hands on activities in reading, math, science, and social studies. Field trips are planned for the Spring.

What will students learn?  In writing, students will be participating in the Lucy Calkins writing program. This is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. They will be learning about Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, Opinion Writing, and Poetry Writing. In reading, lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Some of the things they will learn are phonics rules, fiction versus nonfiction texts, non fiction text features and text structure. In science students will participate in the Next Gen Standards in Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. In Social Studies, students will learn about communities and the importance of rules, community workers, Maine, and reading maps.

Communication: I send home a newsletter every other week to let parents/ guardians know what is happening in the classroom and to send reminders to families. I also send home individual notes when students are doing well or if there is an issue that comes up.  I also call home or email when necessary.  I can be reached by calling the school, emailing me, or writing a letter and sending it to the school with your student.

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