Classroom Behavior Plan & Rules


 Our Bird Rules:

RESPECT everyone always with kind words and actions

FOLLOW the directions the first time

LISTEN carefully to the speaker

RAISE your hand to speak

WORK quietly and do your best



Each student has a clothespin and will start each day on the READY TO LEARN! Poster. They can move to  the GREAT JOB!  then to AWESOME & FABULOUS! posters for making smart choices.  For not following our rules a student places the clothespin on THINK ABOUT IT! then TEACHER CHOICE! (will owe some recess time) and then PARENT CONTACT!. Parent contact will be a phone call or email or note home.

** We have a special PRIZE BOX in our nest! Students who remain on green, blue or purple daily earn points towards the prize box drawing every Friday! We will also work as a flock to earn free choice time or special treats!!