Mrs. Bridges

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Bridges

 Oh, what a year we will have together!  

Do you enjoy learning about new things with a smile on your face?  Well together, we will create a classroom environment, where we feel safe sharing our ideas/thoughts, making mistakes, challenging our minds, and celebrating our successes!

We will devour some good books, passages, and short texts together through literature groups, read aloud, and Core Clicks.  
Our focus will be on three types of writing Narrative, Informational and Opinion.  We will use The Lucy Calkins Units of Study Series to develop into confident articulate writers whose writing comes to life.
Social Studies
Maine will be our focus studying its geography, government, and economy.  While learning about economy, we will study about Milton Hershey and what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Our third grade field trips include Maine State House and Museum, as well as, the Margaret Chase Smith Library.  
Are you ready to do some investigation?  In third grade, we will learn about forces/magnetics, life cycles, habitats, and weather.  We have a field trip to Wolfe Neck State Park and a Planetarium Presentation at school.
Envisions 2.0 is the math program that is used online and with a workbook.  We will work on numeration, number sense with addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication, division, fractions, 2-D shapes, time, perimeter, area, liquid volume and mass, and data.

Each month, I will send home a class newsletter that will include important school and classroom dates, learning focuses for the month and any other pertinent information.  

Please feel free to email or call me, if you have a question or concern.