Mrs. McLaughlin

Mrs. McLaughlin

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Mrs. McLaughlin

I teach third grade at Benton Elementary School! This is truly a wonderful district to be a part of! In our classroom we work to be collaborative learners. I encourage students to work alongside each other and help when needed. We all have responsibilities in our classroom community and everyone is needed to ensure our classroom runs efficiently.

I strongly believe that parents and I are a team to support the growth of their child. I encourage communication between the two with the use of a school journals and phone calls. All students are different, as are their needs. I work to ensure that all the different types of learners in our classroom have the support they need to succeed and excel.

In third grade we work on the following:


During reading, the class will work on all aspects of reading including reading strategies, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Your child will read independently each day, as well as be read to during shared reading.  I also utilize small guided reading groups, buddy reading, and written activities to help with comprehension.  The children will learn how to record the books they have read and respond to their reading in a Reader’s Notebook. Writing

We will be using a writing program, created by Lucy Calkins, that incorporates the Common Core writing standards.  This program will focus on three genres in writing:  narrative, informational, and opinion writing.  It will also utilize the writing workshop model. Students will work to develop organized writing pieces with detail. Math

We are now entering our fourth year using Envision Math, which is aligned with the Common Core.  If you are not familiar with the Common Core, it is a U.S. education initiative that seeks to bring diverse state curricula into alignment with each other by following the principles of standards-based education reform. The initiative is sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

With the envision math program, we will work on numeration, number sense with addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication, division, fractions, 2-D shapes, time, perimeter, area, liquid volume and mass, and data.

There will be a short homework assignment each day with this new program and I always encourage practicing math facts for a few minutes each day. More information will follow as we progress. Word Study (spelling)

We will be studying high frequency words from the third grade word list, as well as words from a core strategy lesson.  I will introduce a strategy mini lesson each week, and the students will study a word list comprised of words from the strategy lesson, as well as 2 – 4 high frequency words.  

Students should bring home a word list to study on Mondays.  Tests will be on Friday. Social Studies

This year for social studies we will work to strengthen our mapping skills, by studying the State of Maine in depth. We will take our time to study many aspects of Maine including the government. We will also study economics and Milton Hershey’s role as an entrepreneur.   Science

This year we are adopting a new science curriculum. Through this curriculum students will work concepts such as life cycles, habitats, magnetic, and the weather. Communication:

I send a monthly newsletter home with students to inform parents about the topics we will be studying that month and important event coming up. I utilize students planners for students to record homework assignments and communicate with parents as needed throughout the year. I also encourage parents to use these planners to communicate with me. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

I have truly loved getting to know the Benton School Community. I just love teaching 3rd grade! I look forward to continuing my experience in the MSAD 49 District!