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I graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a B.S. in Elementary Education. This is my second year teaching third grade at Benton Elementary School and I am so proud to be part of such a  great community.  The following descriptions will give you an idea of what will be working on this year.
We will learn how to use several reading strategies that will enable us to become independent readers and build our comprehension and fluency skills. In addition to reading chapter books, we will learn how to compare and contrast short passages and use text features when reading non-fiction books to gain information.
The three types of writing we will focus on will be Personal Narrative, Informational, and Opinion. We will use the Lucy Calkin's Unit of Study series in order to help us develop our writing skills.
Social Studies
Maine geography, government and economy will be our primary units of study this year. Also,  we will reinforce our classroom studies by going to the Maine State House in Augusta to learn about local government and also by going to the Margaret Chase Smith Museum in Skowhegan to learn about this influential Maine politician.
We will use our National Geographic textbook to explore such topics as Forces/magnets, life cycles, animal habitats, and weather. A field trip to Wolfe Neck State Park  will help us apply our new knowledge and enjoy a day on the rugged and beauitful Maine Coast.
Using Envisions 2.0,  we will learn strategies  in multiplication and we will also use a computer program called FASTT MATH to help us become fluent and master our facts by the end of the year.