Content Studies


Content Studies Science Our district uses the Exploring Science program which focuses on the Next Generation Science Standards. Throughout the units the children think and work like scientists. The following are the topics covered in Grade Four:
  • Physical Science:

    • Energy

    • Waves and Information

  • Life Science

    • Structure, Function and Information Processing

  • Earth Science

    • Earth’s Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth

Social Studies:
At the onset of the year the children learn all about the founding of our country from three important U.S. documents (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights), to the early settlers, to the US flag, to the location of the US regions and states. Our geography study is launched by learning all about the globe with a focus on the seven continents and five oceans. From there we focus on the United States of America.
The focus is on our people, history and economy.
  • The Beginnings of our Country

  • The Regions of the United States: the Southwest, the Southeast, the Northeast, the Mid-West, and the West

  • The placement of each state.