Word Study

word study

Word Study
Our district uses the Spelling Connections Program. The goal is for the children to become proficient spellers. They will discuss ways to play with difficult words. Figure out multiple-meaning words by using context clues as well as constantly looking out for words within words. These strategies will help them advance their writing, reading, and communication skills. Each unit focuses on a new skill such as:

  • Short and Long Vowels

  • Consonants

  • Plurals

  • Possessives

  • Homographs (spelled the same but has a different meaning  … I like to do projects & I must project my voice when speaking)

  • Homophones (pronounced the same but different meaning … The hare jumped & My hair is short)

  • Homonyms (Spelled or pronounced the same but different meanings … row=argument & row=paddle a boat)

  • Antonyms (opposite)

  • Synonyms (same)

  • Affixes …  (Prefixes & Suffixes)

  • Roots: Greek/Latin