Mrs. Hatch

Mrs. Hatch

Welcome to my Web Page. My name is Mrs. Hatch and I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade at Benton Elementary this year! Teaching has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.
I Graduated from Lawrence in 1994 and have lived in the district my entire life. I have been teaching in this district for the past 6 years.
Our classroom values and encourages a Positive Growth Mindset. We believe that everyone is capable of learning and succeeding with a positive mind, hard work, and determination. are a family of learners and work together to grow our minds every single day. Our classroom is a place where children are loved, respected, and challenged. We celebrate mistakes, effort, hard work

For more information on Growth Mindset and its purpose in the classroom, please follow this link.

Content Studies

As a district, we use the enVisionmath2.0 Common Core Program. This program is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and is broken down into 16 topics.
Each Topic begins with a Review What You Know and My Word Cards. Here the children revisit previous concepts and word cards help to build a vocabulary that is necessary for the upcoming topic. The topic closes with a topic test.

Literacy Workshop

Literacy workshop includes reading and writing. It is our whole afternoon and many times, the best part of the day!


Together we will study shared reads which include chapter books, such as Phantom of the Opera, Lost on a Mountain in Maine, and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. We learn strategies such as comprehension, prediction, and inferring, which are necessary when becoming strong readers.

During this workshop, we will use online articles and classroom magazines such as Time for Kids and National Geographic. There are often small group/partner reading activities, as well as independent reading time, which builds curiosity, stamina, and fluency.


Fourth grade focuses on 3 major styles of writing: narrative, persuasive, and informational.

Throughout the year the students will create narratives, or “small moment” stories, write informational Maine animal reports and persuasive essays. Creative writing and writing poetry is also, a part of this workshop throughout the year.


Our district uses the Exploring Science program which focuses on the Next Generation Science Standards. Throughout the units the children think and work like scientists. Here are some of the major units we explore as 4th graders.

                        Physical Science: Energy,  Waves and Information
                       Life Science: Structure, Function and Information Processing

                       Earth Science: Earth’s Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth
Social Studies

We begin our year learning all about the founding of our country focusing on three important U.S. documents. (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights) We study the early settlers, learn the meaning behind the US flag,  and location of the US regions and states. Our geography study is launched by learning all about the globe with a focus on the seven continents and five oceans. From there we focus on the United States of America, on our people, history, and economy.