Classroom Information
Bookworm.pngThis year Mrs Fabian and I are sharing students and splitting the curriculum.I am teaching the Language Arts portion (Literacy and Writing) while Mrs. Fabian is teaching Math and Content (Science/Social Studies).  You will most often find us engaged in discussions about a current topic we are learning about or applying the knowlegde we have gained to solve problems and answer questions on that topic.  Students spend time working with the whole group, in small groups, with partners, and individually  throughout the day.  Newsletters are sent home periodically to keep families updated about the happenings in the classroom.

Math.png  Some of the topics covered in Math include multi-digit multiplication, long division (with a 1 digit divisor), place value to the millions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, and geometric figures, lines and angles.  As students finish given assignments they  have the opportunity to use their chrome books to extend their learning  on websites such as Fastt Math and IXL.  All students are encouraged to learn their multiplication facts.

Stacked Books.pngLiteracy Workshop tends to be a favorite part of the day for many students.  They take part in discussions of shared reads which include chapter books and articles from student magazines such as Time for Kids and National Geographic.  They also may be involved in a small group/partner reading activity, or an individualized reading activity.  Some of our favorite shared reads include Phantom of the Opera, Lost On a Mountain in Maine,  and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Notepad.pngDuring Writer's Workshop the students spend time throughout the year creating narrative stories, personal persuasive essays, and informative texts.  Poetry is also sprinkled throughout the four quarters.

Earth Search.png Content Workshop includes Science and Social Studies concepts.  Highlights from the area of science  include learning about plants and animals, energy and motion, natural disasters, and then creating a small engineering project at the end of the year.  In Social Studies students our introduced  to "The Bill of Rights",   review the continents and oceans with an emphasis on Antarctica, study the regions and land forms of the US, and  focus on tourism and the economy in the different regions of Maine.