Classroom Schedules

                                     Class Schedule
                              We follow a fairly normal schedule as outlined below 
                    (student schedule on the left, Mrs. Sutherland's teaching schedule on the right)  
                                             - some days there are variations. 

      Student Schedule Mrs. Sutherland's Schedule
                 Mornings Mornings
             Language Arts                      Language Arts Block A

Literacy (shared and independent reading),        Literacy (shared and independent reading),
              Word Study, Writing   Word Study, Writing

                  Mid-day Mid-day
       Lunch, recess, specials   Lunch, recess, specials break

                 Afternoons Afternoons
   Math and Social Studies/Science     Language Arts Block B

Literacy (shared and independent reading),
Word Study, Writing

                                                  Daily Specials

                                                          Monday- Gym
                                                          Tuesday- Art

                           Band is offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings
                       Chorus is offered on Friday afternoons 1st semester only