The Science Curriculum Team for MSAD 49 has been working hard at implementing the new Next Generation Science Standards for our Science Curriculum.
Our fifth grade units of focus are:

1. Energy
2. Matter
3. Earth's Systems
4. Human Activity and Human Impacts
5. Space Systems
6. Engineering

Hands on activities are a huge part of the curriculum, including integration of use of technology. Students are engaged through video clips, online activities, experiments, field trips, workshops, and inquiry projects.

Experiences we share outside of the classroom to enrich our learning:
* A trip to Boothbay Harbor and Maine State Aquarium to learn about Earth's Systems and how they all work together.

* A visit from the Planetarium here at Benton to learn about Space Systems and Earth's Place within those systems.

* A visit from Mad Science here at Benton to learn about the process of Engineering.