In our district we use Pearson's EnVision Math 2.0 materials to teach our students a wide variety of mathematics concepts. In grade six we continue to build and expand on concepts taught in prior grades, allowing students to develop deep conceptual understanding through problem-based instruction, small group work, and individualization. We explore nineteen topics over the course of the school year:

Topic 1: Use Positive Rational Numbers
Topic 2: Integers and Rational Numbers
Topic 3: Numeric and Algebraic Expression
Topic 4: Represent and Solve Equations and Inequalities
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Topic 5:Understand and use Ratio and Rate
Topic 6: Understand and Use Percent
Topic 7: Solve Area, Surface Area, and Volume Problems
Topic 8: Display, Describe, and Summarize Data

Students also use IXL, an online educational application, to independently practice their mathematics skills. 
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