In our district we use Pearson's EnVision Math K-8 materials to teach our students a wide variety of mathematics concepts. In grade six we continue to build and expand on concepts taught in prior grades, allowing students to develop deep conceptual understanding through problem-based instruction, small group work, and individualization. We explore eight broad topics over the course of the school year:

Topic 1: Use Positive Rational Numbers ENVISION MATH 2.0 STUDENT EDITION GRADE 6 VOLUME 2 COPYRIGHT 2017
Topic 2: Integers & Rational Numbers
Topic 3: Numeric & Algebraic Expressions
Topic 4: Represent & Solve Equations & Inequalities  
Topic 5: Understand & Use Ratio & Rate
Topic 6: Understand & Use Percent
Topic 7: Solve Area, Surface Area, & Volume Problems
Topic 8: Display, Describe, & Summarize Data

Students use IXL, an online educational application, to independently sharpen and advance their mathematics skills. 
IXL Student Login Page

Students also use FasttMath to increase their math fact fluency.