Classroom Manegment

Your Behavior

    As a citizen of the Benton Elementary community, it is expected that your behavior be appropriate at all times. School and classroom rules are put in place to keep you safe, and to help make your school experience more enjoyable. It’s also important to keep in mind that, as a sixth-grade student, you serve as a role model for younger students in our Benton community. In our classroom community, we will be using a basic check mark system

* Each student will start the day at “Ready To Learn

* If you are struggling you will be given a warning.

* If your behavior continues, you will lose your recess time in five minute increments

* If that does not seem to work a phone call home will be made and you will be asked to stay after school.  I may even ask your parents to come in so that we can all work together to create a positive plan to support your success.

* If your name has moved from “Ready to Learn” down to lost recess time, that doesn’t mean it will stay there, you have the opportunity every moment to turn it around and make good choices and have your named moved back to “Ready to Learn.” Every day after recess, if you’ve turned your behavior around, your tag will move back. To where it started.

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