Math workshop
Envision Math
In 6th grade we cover 19 topics in the Envisions program.
Topic 1: Numeration
Topic 2: Variables
Topic 3: Operations with decimals
Topic 4: Solving equations
Topic 5: Numbers, fractions and concepts
Topic 6: Decimals, fractions and mixed numbers
Topic 7: Adding and Subtracting fractions
Topic 8; Multiplication of fractions
Topic 9: Dividing fractions
Topic 10: Integers
Topic 11: Properties of 2-d figures
Topic 12: Ratios
Topic 13: Solving properties
Topic 14: Understanding percent
Topic 15: Equations and graphs
Topic 16: Measurement
Topic 17: Data and graphs
Topic 18: Perimeter and area
Topic 19: Data and Graphs