As student progress to the upper elementary level, the focus of reading
instruction begins to shift from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".
Reading is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Over the course of
the school year we read a variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction.
We read together as a class, in small groups, with partners, and

Students have the opportunity to think critically about their reading,
discuss their thoughts and questions with their classmates, and apply
newly acquired reading skills in their daily work. Some of the books that
we may read as a class or in literature groups include:

Shared Reading & Literature Study

Plot and character development, point of view, theme/central idea, and             author's word choice are all areas of focus in our sixth grade curriculum...
but my primary goal is for my students to be able to choose books that
they will read for pleasure, and to provide them with the time to do so.


In addition to improving our English and language arts skills we explore
a variety of forms of writing, including personal narrative, literary essay, research, descriptive, creative, poetry, and letter writing. Students will
publish several pieces of writing over the course of the school year,
including at least one digital presentation.