In our district we use Pearson's EnVision Math K-6 materials to teach
our students a wide variety of mathematics concepts. In grade six we
continue to build and expand on concepts taught in prior grades,
allowing students to develop deep conceptual understanding through
problem-based instruction, small group work, and individualization.
We explore nineteen topics over the course of the school year:

Topic 1: Numeration
Topic 2: Variables, Expressions, & Properties
Topic 3: Operations with Decimals
Topic 4: Solving Equations

Topic 5: Number and Fraction Concepts
Topic 6: Decimals, Fractions, & Mixed Numbers
Envision Math         
Topic 7: Adding & Subtracting Fractions & Mixed #s
Topic 8: Multiplying Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Topic 9: Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Topic 10: Integers

Topic 11: Properties of Two-Dimensional Figures
Topic 12: Ratios, Rates, & Proportions
Topic 13: Solving Proportions
Topic 14: Understanding Percent
Topic 15: Equations & Graphs
Topic 16: Measurement
Topic 17: Perimeter & Area
Topic 18: Volume & Surface Area
Topic 19: Data & Graphs

Students also use IXL, an online educational application, to independently practice their mathematics skills.