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Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Martin

I am the 4-6 School Counselor at Benton Elementary School. As a School Counselor I meet with all students in grades 4-6 to help prepare them to become successful members of society.

I work with students in 3 different ways

  • 1) Classroom guidance: I teach a variety of lessons in every classroom throughout the year.
  • 2). Small Groups: Students have the opportunity to join a group throughout the year. All groups differ based on topic. Some popular groups are friendship, grandparents group, social skills, changing families, boys group, girls group and lunch bunch. These groups are confidential in nature. If you think your student may benefit from a group please contact me.
  • 3). Individual meetings: Students can meet with me to talk about their concerns, worries or problems. During this time students will develop skills to empower them to effectively develop, grow and change. All meetings are confidential and parents will be notified about any major issues or concerns.

The School Counseling services at Benton provides education, prevention and intervention services.

I seek to work with students and parents to ensure that each child has the best possible educational experience within our school community. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance, I would be happy to help!!

Contact information:
Phone: 453-4240      Email:


Statement of Confidentiality- I respect the rights and relationships of students, information shared with myself will remain confidential with exception of student safety.