Mrs. Smith

Whendy Smith

Mrs. Smith

My name is Whendy Smith. I am a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader for the Belfast, Farmington and Fairfield Area. I tutor children in Reading Recovery lessons at Benton Elementary. I have proudly worked with children in MSAD 49 for thirty years. Prior to that I was raised in Fairfield Center and went to elementary school in Fairfield and High School at Lawrence High School.

Currently my job involves training and coaching Reading Recovery teachers and small group interventionists. All of the training and on-going professional development is affiliated and overseen by the Education graduate program at University of Maine in Orono. I train teachers that are tutoring children in one-on-one settings and I train teachers that are working with small groups of children that are in need of supplemental literacy education.

I received my teaching degree from the University of Maine at Farmington. All of my post graduate work has been completed at the University of Maine. I have earned a Masters of Education degree and two Certificates of Advance study all which provide me the credentials to train interventionists. I enjoy working with teachers and humbled by how hard they work to provide for children that need supplemental support academically and if need be emotionally. Over the years I have held positions as a classroom teacher, a title one teacher, a Reading Recovery teacher, a coach for classroom teachers and now I coach Reading Recovery and small group interventionists.

I am committed to providing the best possible education to the children of MSAD 49. My son had the opportunity to be educated in the Clinton and Fairfield public schools and he now is putting all that to the test at the University of Maine. I am dedicated to providing every child the same opportunity as my son…to be able to pursue his/her career plans knowing that he/she has what is needed to accomplish the next steps to become an educated, productive, happy adult doing what makes him/her the happiest and most fulfilled.

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