Enrichment Grades 4-6

Enrichment Sessions

Award-winning journalist and author, Maria Shriver, so succinctly brings to light the importance of the arts in education.  Yes, she writes,

 “Art is fundamental, unique to each of us … even in difficult economic times - especially in difficult economic times - the arts are essential."

With budgets tight, we understand how difficult it is to bring enrichment programs that will enhance the learning experience of our students.  This past spring I gave a lot of thought to this and realized the time was right for me to put together a couple of enrichment sessions that evolved around my travel experience abroad.  

 Please review the enrichments sessions that are and will be available to your particular grade level, then project ahead a date and time that be suitable for you.  From there we can select a most appropriate day and time. 

  Suggestion ...  The weeks prior to holiday breaks just may be best!


Fourth Grade –  (Complete)

Of note ... This enrichment session could be open to grades 5 and 6 as well, since they too, would have completed Gaston Theroux’s novel, The Phantom of the Opera...  if you so wished.

Paris today, Paris past, to how Paris evolved into the beautiful city it is today with particular attention given to Charles Garnier’s, Paris Opera House. 

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint Michel

(In progress) 

This enrichment 
session highlights Mont Saint-Michel.  Mont Saint-Michel is a tiny breathtaking island community (of approximately 40 people) situated on the northwestern coast of France between Normandy and Brittany.  This session will set the stage for the book, Prisoners at Mont Saint-Michel by Nadine Mousselet. 

Fifth and Sixth Grade –

Artist Claude Monet  (In Progress)

This enrichment session would examine Claude Monet’s early life, his life in Paris, concluding with the artists’ life in Giverney where his water lilies came to life on canvas.

 So if you would like to expose your students to one or more of these enrichment sessions over the course of the year, just let me know and we can arrange a date and a time. 

I hope this website  will be of great value to you and your community of learners, and I welcome your thoughts.