Mrs. McInnis
Thank you for visiting our classroom site! My name is Rachel McInnis and I am a Special Education teacher for students in the Functional Life Skills (FLS) program at Benton Elementary School.  

Each day, our dedicated ed techs and I deliver instruction and carry out academic and functional goals. We believe that each student is a valuable member of our classroom and school community. We strive daily for our students to become more and more independent. We encourage peer relationships and address social skills throughout each day, as well as through explicit teaching. We celebrate successes and welcome challenges.

We are always looking for more ways to offer enrichment activities to our students through community involvement and following up in the classroom. 

Something that is very exciting for our students this year is the Recycling program at our school. Through recycling, our students work on communication and social skills while visiting classrooms throughout the week. Collecting returnable bottles and cans provides extra money for our students' field trips so they can feel a sense of responsibility and ownership. If you would like to contribute, you can drop your returnables off at Casey's Redemption in Fairfield behind the Village Market. Please tell them you are leaving the bottles for "Benton FLS". 

Thank you!

Rachel McInnis

I can be reached at or through the school office 207-453-4240 ext. 1140

                                        Mrs. McInnis