This month, we have two field trips planned. One trip is to Lemieux's Orchard in Vassalboro.  Students will take a tour of the orchard and packing room, walk in a corn maze, and pick apples to take back to school. We will follow up at school with some baking and other projects with the apples. With the money students have collected through returning bottles and cans collected in the school, we will be purchasing a pumpkin to take back to school. We will carve the pumpkin, count the seeds, and bake the seeds. We will also use photos from the field trip to retell and write about our field trip. 

A Is For Apple.png .                                Plain Pumpkin.png


October is Fire Safety Awareness month. We will be visiting the Fairfield Fire Department. Students will be able to see the firefighters’ turnout gear, sit in a fire engine, and learn about the important ways our firefighters help our community stay safe. At school, we will review what we learned at the fire department.
     Fire Fighter.png